Soooo.. Saturday we woke up early and decided to take Mila to the children’s museum. It was so cool, she had lots of fun, and funny part is, she would stay 10 minutes playing at the same spot and would throw a tantrum when we tried showing her another game, then she’d enjoy it and … More Saturday 

Barefoot baby 

I got this awesome picnic basket as a gift for Mother’s Day last year and I’ve been wanting to use it ever since, but you know, german weather kinda locks you in for half a year 😒.  But today I finally used it and it was amazing. A couple of bad and over mayonnaised supermarket … More Barefoot baby 

Esslingen am Neckar

Esslingen … un lugar que es súper especial para mí. Cuando llegue a vivir a Alemania llegue a esta ciudad y me encantó. Es el típico pueblo alemán de cuentos de adas. Súper bonito.  Obviamente empezamos con café por qué ya sabia que Mila iba a tener uno de sus días de inquieta…. una taza … More Esslingen am Neckar


De regreso en Alemania ❤️❤️❤️. Mila es la más feliz de estar con su papá otra vez, y yo, yo extraño la comida mexicana.  Hoy fuimos a tübingen, una ciudad a1 hora de donde vivimos. El camino de ida fue tratar de calmar a Mila por qué no le gusta nada su silla de carro, … More Tübingen

Birth story 

Time and again I’ve tried writing this, never really finding the right words or the strength to click post.  At times I feel like it was my fault, I should’ve done more, I shouldn’t have given up when the doctors told me  I was fine although I could feel something wasn’t.  March 3rd I had … More Birth story 

Puerto Vallarta

So here’s a bit about our family trip to Puerto Vallarta, this was a special one since it’ll be the last family trip for God knows how long, I live across the world, my not so little brother is already flying and my sister is about to start college. (Omg yeiii I’m so excited for … More Puerto Vallarta