lets talk newborn essentials – for mom and baby

Okay I know there are a million lists on Pinterest and I am sure you’ve probably looked at them all, I know I did. But here is my list of lifesavers for mom and baby! I hate seeing the long lists of expensive baby items that I had no idea if my baby would like. So these are my personal must haves that helped me through the newborn days and transitioning into motherhood! Some of these are items, some are tips or habits and I’ve also included some save vs splurge options for you!

6. A an electric heating pad (or a rice bag would totally work too!) This is a must for me. Did you know that you have contractions for a week or so after delivery? It happens when you breastfeed and it’s the literal worst. Using a heating pad of some sort helps SO much! I would also use it on my chest when my milk would drop and it would get painful. I used it again when I got mastitis and it helped with my clogged duct. – still useful now that my body is back to running on regular cycles and I have cramps again. A multi-use product for sure.

8. Okay this is another one you might think is funny, but hair training! This is something I would start before baby comes if you can! Being able to go 5 days without having to wash is SO nice! Makes it easier for you to be able sneak in a quick shower while baby is napping so you feel clean without going through the whole process of dealing with your hair.

How to hair train – start by pushing your hair one day longer than you normally can – if you wash every day – start going every other etc. Every night before bed brush your hair from scalp to end to distribute oils and then end with putting a small amount of hair oil on your ends. Sleep with a loose braid or low pony using a silk scrunchy. After you feel like your hair has adjusted – push another day or two using dry shampoo as needed! Keep doing this until you’ve trained your hair to where you’re comfortable! I personally go five days, but I know people who have gone 20+! @Jasmineraehairco on instagram is amazing and gives more in depth tips for this too!

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