meet the macks

I got so anxious and excited and nervous for my last post I literally just typed it up and hit publish! Only after did I realize I completely forgot to introduce myself and my family. So, here’s a little snippet of my family and our life!

My name is Taylor Mack I am 23 and currently living in Utah (until May then comes a big move for our little family !!!) I am a lover of Dr. Pepper (clearly), anything salted caramel and reality t.v. – I know its crazy and dramatic, but I kind of love it.

My husband Bayley and I have been married for 2 years, yes you did the math right, we covid eloped. We spent our first year of marriage in Arizona and moved back to Utah to be closer to family when we learned we were pregnant!

I had our son Packard in December and it has been the most amazing experience learning to care for a little human! I’ve loved watching him change, grow and start to develop his personality! He is the sweetest little man, super smiley and will talk your ear off. He has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of.

I pride myself in being thrifty and finding all the best deals to have all the cute and fun baby items without breaking the bank. Because lets be real – these kids go out of everything so dang fast! I can’t wait to share all my tips, finds and favorites with you as Pack grows!

As much as I have loved motherhood, and truly, I have. I feel like I was put through the ringer. 9 months of getting IVs and nausea meds thanks to HG, developing mastitis, being frustrated with my body for not bouncing back, unable to breastfeed like I wanted to and struggling with prenatal and postpartum depression. Thankfully I was blessed with an amazing support system and a husband who does more for me than I ever dreamed possible!

Between all the good and the bad I feel there is so much to learn and I am excited to share it with you all!

Here’s to raising our babies – one Dr. Pepper at a time.

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