Fall days 🙌🏻

ahhhh. Fall, I’ve been waiting for you.

I swear I start getting my fall mood on as soon as September rolls on.

What I love about Germany is that you really get to experience the seasons, and there’s tons of things to do when this times roll around.

So, Saturday morning. Just like every weekend we don’t have a plan, so we wake up late, and start looking for something to do. ( I hate planning ) we decide on the pumpkin patch, apple picking, and looking for some nice flowers (extra points for sunflowers)

Mila absolutely loves the pumpkin patch, it’s actually a farm and they had animals, local products market, and most importantly a playground. As soon as Mila saw the bobby cars she hopped on.

We were on a mission, find a really big pumpkin so we can recreate Mila’s inside the pumpkin picture from last year. Unfortunately the only pumpkin big enough was a prop, but I wasn’t giving up, we waited until the owner arrived and nicely asked (yes I used my kid and her sweetness to get what I wanted ) So now I’m happy at home with my big enough pumpkin to fit a toddler some apples and beautiful sunflowers.


AMO EL OTOÑO. soy la más feliz por qué aquí en Alemania de verdad se puede vivir el cambio de estaciones y otoño es por mucho mi favorita.

Hoy fuimos a recoger calabazas a una granja y a Mila le encantó, se puso a juegan con los cochesitos y obvio hizo berrinche cuando nos fuimos 🤷🏻‍♀️

Estaba buscando una calabaza grandota para recrear la foto de Mila del año pasado en la que la metí a la calabaza, y súper chafa la única que estaba grande era decoración. Pero equis ! Me espere a que llegara el dueño y se la pedí, y obvio use la carita de Mila para conseguir lo que quería jaja.

Nos fuimos a recoger manzanas y girasoles y Mila era la más feliz ensuciándose y oliendo las flores. Soy fan de como arruga la naricita para oler. 😍

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