10 things to do in Madrid

What to do, where to eat, where to go

10 things to do in Madrid.

What I love about cities like Madrid is that there’s so much to do, it’s one of those cities that no matter how often you visit there’s always something new and for everyone. Below I’ll list some of the things and places you should definitely visit along with what to do.

1. Parque del retiro: One thing you should know about this is that the park is huge, like I was once before with friends and somehow by chance we found the cool fountain, but I just visited now 5 years after my first visit and I wanted to find the same place. And it was so hard to find I swear! So if what you want to see is the cool fountain I’d say use google maps while you have wifi in the hotel and look for fountain Alfonso XII. That’s the main attraction, otherwise you’ll most likely end up getting lost like we did. Still is beautiful and there’s so much to do, like visit the cristal palace or the rose garden. One thing I loved doing was having a little picnic. We had some Burger King takeout and watched mila run around with her beloved nugget.

2. Take a free walking tour. This is one we always do !! What I love about the walking tours is 1. They’re free, 2. If you don’t enjoy it you can just leave at any time ( I swear you’ll enjoy it) 3. The guides give amazing recommendations on where to eat

3. Rooftop bars. So, funny story, Mischa visited madird a few years back, and just by coincidence they found this really cool rooftop bar and he wanted to visit it again. Cool, the only problem ? He had NO idea where it was and his directions where: between two buildings 😂 thank vos we found it, and it really is cool, the cocktails are a bit expensive so just have a beer. The place is called la azotea and is located: Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 2, 28014 Madrid, Spain. I’d recommend visiting at night since the view is amazing.

4. Calle serrano, ok this street is amazing, there just so much to do, during the day maybe some shopping (maybe not, too expensive) but at night the place is amazing, restaurants everywhere and tons of life and music around

5. The royal palace. If you’ve visited other castles or palaces in Europe is pretty much the same, they’re all beautiful but maybe you don’t feel like paying to go in, so I’d recommend going on a Monday entrance is free.

6. Mercado de San Miguel. It’s packed ! People everywhere but you can see why, the market itself is beautiful, full with color and food, and music, super clean and even if you don’t consume the experience is worth it.

7. Plaza mayor. Another place to just seat down maybe enjoy an aperol spritz and enjoy the music

8. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. This one is a classic if you’re a fan definitely take the tour, heck, try and get tickets, there’s nothing like the vibe of the place during a game.

9. Barrio de la latina. At night this place is absolutely amazing ! People dancing and singing everywhere, you can either dance to Latin music or watch a flamenco show, even dance if you’re feeling brave.

10. Puerta del sol, tons of affordable shopping options, plus a nice walk with a view, there’re some cool old book stands that I just love.

What to do:

1. Have a picnic, my favorite spot is parque del retiro but there’re tons of places and parks, just grab some take out and relax.

2. Row a boat in the Alfonso XII fountain perfect for a hot summer day

3. Do a free walking tour

4. Take a tour bus

5. Go to museums

6. Experience the night life

Where to eat.

This are some of my favorites with some personal recommendations

1. Lamucca del Pardo, try the truffle pizza, or Serrano pizza, the onion soup is delicious as well.

2. La azotea (plaza de Cibeles) grab a small bite and a beer

3. Botín . Just know you’ll need a reservation in advance as this is a really famous restaurant, one of the oldest in the world.

4. Casa Lucio

5. Taberna Txakolí. Seriously just grab a bit of everything.

6. 100 montaditos. It’s a classic

Where to stay.

If you’re on a budget I’d suggest either a Mercure hotel or check Hostel world

If you’re feeling like splurging a. It without going overboard stay at NH del Pradobeautiful hotel really comfortable and the breakfast is amazing.

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