Summer nights

making her daddy smell (later eat) the flowers breath taking sunsetsI'm absolutely in love with summers over here. I feel like there's just so much to do. Plus the weather is amazing and people actually enjoy it since we have it only for a few months. Sundays are kind of the best-worst days tho. Mischa plays soccer and we have a family day with his parents and his dad grills every Sunday which is awesome, and Mila plays in the pool, and runs around in diapers which is so cute.
On the other hand everything is closed… EVERYTHING!! Like you're dying and you need medicine? Too bad there's no pharmacy, need milk for the baby and don't t have any? Better ask the neighbor for some, want to go to to movies ? Not happening bro. Just sucks.

But going back to the good part.
Sunday we walked a few kms (bad idea) under the sun. Mila (actually Mischa) insisted we take the bobby car, of course Mila was hoping on and off all the way so it took forever to get there, all of this under the sun. She does this super cute thing where she stops and smells the flowers every 2 steps. She wrinkles her nose and smells and it melts me every time. Her daddy picked some flowers along the way, and she wanted him to smell, of course it ended in Mischa's mouth and it was hilarious 😂.

Around 10 we met some friends at the vineyards and we saw fireworks, funny thing is to get to the top you have to go all the way up, through the high grass so of course wearing flats is a terrible idea, had to learn that one the hard way.
Anyway I'll make the best out of this summer, but I'm pretty exited for fall honestly.
Xo- fer

La verdad amo los veranos aquí en Alemania, hay muchísimo que hacer y la gente si aprecia el buen clima por qué solo lo tenemos unos meses antes de estar en frío y oscuridad el resto de año.
Los domingos son los mejores y peores días,Mischa juega futbol, y después tenemos un día familiar con su familia y su papá hace BBQ cada domingo y me encanta, Mila juega en la alberca y corre todo el día en pañales y me encanta. Lo malo es que todo está cerrado… TODO!! Estás muriendo de gripa y necesitas medicina? Sorry no hay farmacias abiertas, necesitas leche para el bebé? Mejor vele a pedir al vecino, quieres ir al cine? Not happening ! Pero volviendo a la parte buena, el domingo caminamos unos cuantos kilómetros (mala idea) bajo el sol. Y Mila (la verdad Mischa) quiso que nos lleváramos el Bobby car, obviamente mila se estuvo subiendo y bajando todo el camino y nos tardamos horas en llegar. Lo que me encanta es que cuando camina se detiene cada dos pasitos a oler las flores y me encanta, arruga la nariz y las huele y me fascina. Mischa le recogió unas flores y mila quería que el las oliera, obvio con su puntería se las metió a la boca 😂

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