Barefoot baby 

I got this awesome picnic basket as a gift for Mother’s Day last year and I’ve been wanting to use it ever since, but you know, german weather kinda locks you in for half a year 😒. 

But today I finally used it and it was amazing. A couple of bad and over mayonnaised supermarket sandwiches, wine and berries 👌🏻. 

My favorite part is seeing Mila walk around, barefoot of course because she hates shoes, and even if she liked them well… I guess german babies are too big because the smallest size is still to big for her.  She loves giving hugs and blowing kisses and it melts my heart every time. I just love it. 

I honestly can’t believe she’s walking already, somehow I still see her as that tiny 1200gr baby I gave birth to 15 months ago. 

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