Lichtenstein Castle 

Yeah so … I finally wore my rain boots in the rain and it was so cool. ❤️

We took a drive to this small castle near Reutlingen, the Lichtenstein Castle. The road up is a bit hard, all this curves and I really thought I was going to expose my breakfast, glad I didn’t. 

The view up there is amazing, I mean I guess, I saw some pictures but we got a really foggy weather. Still it looked beautiful , kind of the perfect set for a Dracula movie. 

We took a tour around the castle and of course Mila pooped right before going in, so I had to hold her for about 40 minutes with this burning smell. And I don’t know what’s worst, people thinking I’m a bad mom because I didn’t change my child, or them thinking the smell was coming from me 😂. Anyway as soon as we got out we changed her diaper and it took 3 people. Ok TMI 

But for real I loved this castle. There’s something about history that I just love, and seeing the way people lived hundreds of years ago is so cool. We took tons of pictures but Mila just wasn’t having it. 

She also tried mustard and decided she didn’t like it, and she blessed us with the funniest faces. 

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