De regreso en Alemania ❤️❤️❤️. Mila es la más feliz de estar con su papá otra vez, y yo, yo extraño la comida mexicana.  Hoy fuimos a tübingen, una ciudad a1 hora de donde vivimos. El camino de ida fue tratar de calmar a Mila por qué no le gusta nada su silla de carro, … More Tübingen

Birth story 

Time and again I’ve tried writing this, never really finding the right words or the strength to click post.  At times I feel like it was my fault, I should’ve done more, I shouldn’t have given up when the doctors told me  I was fine although I could feel something wasn’t.  March 3rd I had … More Birth story 

Puerto Vallarta

So here’s a bit about our family trip to Puerto Vallarta, this was a special one since it’ll be the last family trip for God knows how long, I live across the world, my not so little brother is already flying and my sister is about to start college. (Omg yeiii I’m so excited for … More Puerto Vallarta