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  • Things I’d Do Different Next Time Around

    Let me start off by saying my pregnancy with Pack was rough. I was not a glowy happy pregnant lady. I was a sick, living off IVs, barely getting out of bed pregnant lady. Although I had no control over my sickness I 100% had control over my attitude! Looking back there are so many things I could have done to make it a better experience and so many things I wish I would have done so I could better remember being pregnant — I thought everyone was lying too, but trust me you really do forget.

    So here are some tips and tricks of things I’d do different next pregnancy – including everything from what I would & wouldn’t buy- to post baby game plans with your spouse and everything in between!

    I think the first and most important thing that came to my mind when deciding what I’d do different was CHOOSE JOY. I chose to be upset that my clothes didn’t fit while all my friends rocked high waisted denim and cute swim suits, I chose to be upset I was sick, I chose to be upset that I couldn’t do what everyone else was doing. Instead this is what I will do – recognize the phase of life you’re in! The clothes will still be there when you’re done being pregnant, and until then choose cute maternity clothes (you only get to rock the bump for so long). Choose to be okay that you can’t always hang, you get tired – hello you’re growing a person! Choose to find things that bring you joy when you’re sick – work on your list of names, stalk facebook marketplace, pin inspo for baby’s nursery! Or if you’re feeling up for it, go grab your favorite treat, watch a good movie, get a pedicure – the possibilities are endless when we choose joy rather than choosing to be miserable. Trust me, I know.

    Get ready! Oh man you’re going to be tempted to lounge around all day in your husbands sweats and not touch your hair or let’s be real, even look in a mirror. But starting the habit of getting ready (on days when you can of course) before baby comes is SO helpful! I am a firm believer in investing in clothes for your pregnancy that makes you feel like a million bucks. My maternity clothing guide will come out Friday (YAY keep those eyes peeled) – but just a few of my favs are – flowy dresses (I’m loving the smocked trend and so bump friendly!) oversized graphic tees with leggings and biker shorts, a really comfy (but cute of course) pair of mom sneakers and body con t-shirt dresses! Ill share links and all the favs in my upcoming post!

    SHARE SHARE SHARE. Post the bump update, tell people how you’re feeling. I personally loving knowing what size fruit your baby is! You are going to want to go back and look at all the posts and bump pictures, even when you felt like crap. I took a total of four, yep thats right, four bump pics my entire pregnancy. You wont find a single one of them on instagram and I regret it. Big time. — The best part is, even if you feel obnoxious and don’t want the whole world to see it — archive it! You will want it there some day or in a chat book eventually. I also completely recognize the desire to not say anything because of friends or family struggling with infertility or miscarriage. I recognize why you would dim your joy to spare them pain. I say this as someone who watched as people announced pregnancies while I was going through a loss. Share it anyways. Don’t let your anxiety about hurting someones feelings stop you from posting about your baby – there are people that want to see it! Those who are struggling might feel the need to either unfollow or mute you for a while and thats totally fine! They get their chance to grieve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your joy and document your journey. That being said – be sensitive and kind to those around you we truly have no idea what others are going through. – If you’re fighting the battle of fertility I hope you know we are cheering you on! We can’t wait for the day you show off your little one, but for now, we love you even if our social media is just too much for your heart right now.

    Journal, Scrapbook, Private Instagram, Vsco whatever you choose have an outlet to write it ALL down, every feeling, crazy pregnancy dream (I had some insane ones) and picture you take. You’ll want to look back and see them all (yes, even the unflattering ones). You’re kids and grandkids will want to read all about your pregnancy, know your cravings and all the names you almost called them! Don’t bank on remembering! Pack is four months and I have already forgotten most of it. Whatever way works the best for you, document all the little moments.

    BORROW BORROW BORROW. Every baby is different. Your neighbors, best friends bother in law might swear by the Mamaroo or the Snoo or any one of the ridiculously expensive baby items. Don’t get me wrong I think they are awesome too and if they work they are probably worth every penny! BUT what if they don’t? I had a Mamaroo with Pack and he hated it. Preferred the basic bouncer or bassinet that didn’t move or rock him. Next time, I’m going to ask around – see who has what and ask to borrow. If baby likes it then I invest, or find a rental service (yep they exist). Not sure your baby will like a certain toy? Schedule a play date with someone that has it, borrow from a friend who has kids that are older, get one of facebook market place. There are so many options to try things out before you spend lots of money on something you aren’t quite sure they will like.

    While we are on the topic of baby clothes lets talk gender neutral! I kind of did this but wish I would have done it more. Buying cute ribbed jammies, neutral solid color clothing or things with minimal pattern are usually my fav anyways but it’s SO smart if this is your first baby and want to be able to reuse clothing! Fun little drool bandanas and sneakers turn all the basics into cute boy clothes while flats and a bow will make anything girly! Don’t get me wrong, pack still has some dinosaur and truck outfits and if we ever have a girl they will get lots of frilly dresses but its so nice to have basics that every baby will need in neutrals! (sleepers, blankets, bibs, socks, jumpers etc.)

    I know there is a huge debate about newborn photos and birth videos being worth it and man I wish I would have done it. Pack was a December, Covid, NICU baby (aka the terrible trifecta) and I put our whole house on lock down for like a month but man they change fast! I induced last time and it was the best thing ever – if my next doctor is okay with induction I am definitely having someone come take newborn photos in the hospital and photos when we bring the baby home within the first week or two.

    Okay this is easily one the of most important things you can do. Set expectations. Set them with your husband – what days will he take off work? What can he do to help you? What can he be in charge of to take a load off your plate? What will paternity leave look like? Set them with family – When can people meet the baby? Who can come to the hospital? Do they need their vaccinations? Set them with your mom and mother in law – Are they wanting to come stay and help with baby? How long? Who is coming first? These expectations take a load off your plate and helps to make sure everyone is on the same page! No hurt feelings and a smoother transition as you bring baby home.

    Last but certainly not least – a postpartum depression game plan. Postpartum can hit anyone at any time regardless of previous mental health history. Having a plan just in case is the best option, even if you don’t need it it’s better to have been prepared than to struggle and not know where to go. Find the contact to a good postpartum therapist, find the days and time mom groups meet and talk with your spouse about the signs and symptoms so you have someone to also be on the lookout for your wellbeing.

    After having Pack and being able to find joy in the delivery and postpartum journey I knew there were ways to find it in pregnancy as well! It was also so much easier to see things I could have done differently in hindsight rather than when in the moment! Im curious what you’d do different? Or if you did something you loved and want to do it every time! What was it?

  • lets talk newborn essentials – for mom and baby

    Okay I know there are a million lists on Pinterest and I am sure you’ve probably looked at them all, I know I did. But here is my list of lifesavers for mom and baby! I hate seeing the long lists of expensive baby items that I had no idea if my baby would like. So these are my personal must haves that helped me through the newborn days and transitioning into motherhood! Some of these are items, some are tips or habits and I’ve also included some save vs splurge options for you!

    6. A an electric heating pad (or a rice bag would totally work too!) This is a must for me. Did you know that you have contractions for a week or so after delivery? It happens when you breastfeed and it’s the literal worst. Using a heating pad of some sort helps SO much! I would also use it on my chest when my milk would drop and it would get painful. I used it again when I got mastitis and it helped with my clogged duct. – still useful now that my body is back to running on regular cycles and I have cramps again. A multi-use product for sure.

    8. Okay this is another one you might think is funny, but hair training! This is something I would start before baby comes if you can! Being able to go 5 days without having to wash is SO nice! Makes it easier for you to be able sneak in a quick shower while baby is napping so you feel clean without going through the whole process of dealing with your hair.

    How to hair train – start by pushing your hair one day longer than you normally can – if you wash every day – start going every other etc. Every night before bed brush your hair from scalp to end to distribute oils and then end with putting a small amount of hair oil on your ends. Sleep with a loose braid or low pony using a silk scrunchy. After you feel like your hair has adjusted – push another day or two using dry shampoo as needed! Keep doing this until you’ve trained your hair to where you’re comfortable! I personally go five days, but I know people who have gone 20+! @Jasmineraehairco on instagram is amazing and gives more in depth tips for this too!

  • meet the macks

    I got so anxious and excited and nervous for my last post I literally just typed it up and hit publish! Only after did I realize I completely forgot to introduce myself and my family. So, here’s a little snippet of my family and our life!

    My name is Taylor Mack I am 23 and currently living in Utah (until May then comes a big move for our little family !!!) I am a lover of Dr. Pepper (clearly), anything salted caramel and reality t.v. – I know its crazy and dramatic, but I kind of love it.

    My husband Bayley and I have been married for 2 years, yes you did the math right, we covid eloped. We spent our first year of marriage in Arizona and moved back to Utah to be closer to family when we learned we were pregnant!

    I had our son Packard in December and it has been the most amazing experience learning to care for a little human! I’ve loved watching him change, grow and start to develop his personality! He is the sweetest little man, super smiley and will talk your ear off. He has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of.

    I pride myself in being thrifty and finding all the best deals to have all the cute and fun baby items without breaking the bank. Because lets be real – these kids go out of everything so dang fast! I can’t wait to share all my tips, finds and favorites with you as Pack grows!

    As much as I have loved motherhood, and truly, I have. I feel like I was put through the ringer. 9 months of getting IVs and nausea meds thanks to HG, developing mastitis, being frustrated with my body for not bouncing back, unable to breastfeed like I wanted to and struggling with prenatal and postpartum depression. Thankfully I was blessed with an amazing support system and a husband who does more for me than I ever dreamed possible!

    Between all the good and the bad I feel there is so much to learn and I am excited to share it with you all!

    Here’s to raising our babies – one Dr. Pepper at a time.

  • I wont even lie, I am terrified.

    There is nothing I have loved more in my life than being a mother.

    Three months in and it has been the most exhausting, wonderful and fulfilling time of my life. My goal here is to share what I have learned for all my cute mamas and soon to be mamas! I want to share my journey so far, my favorite baby items, things I regret buying, what helped with my HG, tips on trying for a baby, dealing with prenatal and postpartum depression and so much more!

    I’m by no means perfect. I am also sleep deprived, covered in spit up, sometimes my angel baby is a monster and I can’t remember the last time I showered…. but that’s motherhood for you. So crack open a can of liquid gold (Dr. Pepper of course) and let’s tackle motherhood together!