Mila’s birth story

When I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely terrified, I guess even petrified. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, slowly those feelings turned into happiness and excitement. We started planing and getting ready to welcome our little girl. May 3rd was her due date. March 5th I had my normal 30 … More Mila’s birth story

Fall days 🙌🏻

ahhhh. Fall, I’ve been waiting for you. I swear I start getting my fall mood on as soon as September rolls on. What I love about Germany is that you really get to experience the seasons, and there’s tons of things to do when this times roll around. So, Saturday morning. Just like every weekend … More Fall days 🙌🏻

Summer nights

making her daddy smell (later eat) the flowers breath taking sunsetsI'm absolutely in love with summers over here. I feel like there's just so much to do. Plus the weather is amazing and people actually enjoy it since we have it only for a few months. Sundays are kind of the best-worst days tho. Mischa … More Summer nights

Aqua baby 

I’m one of those people who spends the whole winter complaining about how cold it is, and wishing for the summer. And then summer rolls around and I hate the humidity and the hot and the ugly fat guys with no shirt haha. But really summer is 100 times better with a baby, taking her … More Aqua baby